Democracy Hypocrisy

Democracy Hypocrisy: The Red, White, and Blues of Freedom

A soulful, riveting one-act play written by OnyxFest’s Executive Producer, Vernon A. Williams, and featured playwrights Rain Wilson (2020 season) and Latrice P. Young (2021 season). The production came between two iconic national celebrations of “liberation,” Juneteenth, and Independence Day, offering an exhilarating and authentic portrayal of the Africana experience through spoken word, dance, music, song, and drama.

Democracy Hypocrisy: The Red, White and Blues of Freedom” playwrights are Vernon A. Williams (“Being Black” and “The Price of Progress”), Rain Wilson (“I Feed You Defiance”) and Ms. Latrice (“Fly Blackbirds, Fly/ Voices We Can’t Unhear”). Larry Brewer is choreographer. The production is family appropriate.

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