ARTI is a celebration of powerful, culturally affirming Black theatre!

The vibrant energy of music, spoken word, and dance are all reflected in Black theatre. ARTI performances are lively and reflect the contours of Black lives, from the continent to the US. Unwavering in its commitment to addressing challenges facing Black theatre, ARTI initiatives emphasize increased visibility and access to Black theatre in Indianapolis. They also offer a culturally affirming platform for talent and career development opportunities in the arts.

To make your gift in support of the ARTI fund TODAY, click the “GIVE NOW” button below.

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The A.R.T.I. leadership team looks forward to your support. We promise to continue in our efforts to showcase the diverse stories of Black and Brown Americans. Many thanks for considering our request.


For more information regarding other ways to support the A.R.T.I. fund, please contact Vernon A. Williams, OnyxFest Director, by email at or by phone at 317-274-8710.

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